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At Digitechtic we provide reputation management services in which our experts mind storm and draft strategies to build and maintain an optimistic reputation for your brand. We conduct an initial analysis of your brand’s online reputation and then carefully work to devise a strategy inorder to meet your brand’s specific demand. We will also assign a project manager to you, who will assist you throughout the process and keep you updated with the status of your project. Beyond that, our ORM services can help you identify negative or fake content and remove it so it will not harm your reputation.

With Digitechtic’s ORM plan, you can track and eliminate digital threats, remove fake reviews, remove content that infringes on your intellectual property, and take control of your online profiles. ORM tactics include monitoring and responding to reviews and deliver you the best.

Online Reputation Management

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The Digital Marketing Experts at Digitechtic works with diverse businesses to yield
custom-made digital marketing services and a strategy that aligns well with their
distinctive business needs. We become an extension of your team, a partner that
apprehends your market and objectives, rather than just an agency that completes tactics

Our Process

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At Digitechtic, Our Comprehensive Mobile App Process Is Carefully Designed To
Generate Flawless Outcomes For Every Big Or Small Project Alike.

Goals Setting

In this phase, The expert marketers at Digitechtic collectes all the necessary information related to the product or service, business competitors and the target audience. The information collected during the research stage is used for making decisions regarding your digital marketing strategies and goals. This information is very helpful in strategizing the marketing campaign.

Strategy Development

The information collected in the previous stage is strategized to create the marketing campaign. The campaign is created as per the goals of the organization and the as per the vision of the stakeholders, how they want their product to be advertised on different platforms. The goal is to reach maximum customers and to generate maximum revenue at the same time.


Once the marketing campaign is created, the team starts working on promoting the product/service on various platforms for promoting a brand:

  • - Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.)
  • - Display Networks
  • - Social Media
  • - E-Mail and Affiliate Marketing
Analysis & Report

In this phase, outcomes of the marketing campaign are analyzed. The results from various promotion channels are analyzed for generating the business reports in terms of sales and revenue. This analysis helps to identify the grey areas and helps the marketing team to improve those areas and to prepare for future marketing so that they can convert the potential leads into business.


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Digitechtic is recognized as one of the top digital marketing companies. Our digital strategists, marketing specialists and creative designers are stocked up with vision and passion for digital marketing. This is why our services are popular among the best in the industry. A whole decade of creating digital products and marketing them, we are just getting started!

You can find Digitechtics leading digital marketing team of specialists in USA, Singapore, Dubai, and Pakistan.

Digitechtic’s Awards & Recognition:

Avail The Services of Top Digital Strategists
At Digitechtic With Proven Track Record

Distinguishing yourself in the digital space is more imperative today than it’s ever been. Lone entrepreneurs and businesses alike have recognized that content is king, which means a lot more content for shoppers to sift through before they find you and your business. While content may be the king, it isn’t everything. It’s just as essential to comprehend the more methodological aspects of online marketing as well as how to maneuver for it. The digital marketing experts at the top of the stack today are there because they’ve figured this out. Need help to get on top of search engine instantly? Digitechtic has got your back. Need to know what type of digital marketing is best for you to follow? Digitechtic has got that covered, too. How to figure out and reach your target audience? We have the certified digital marketers for it too. These Digital Marketing experts are prominent professionals who have been part of this digital game and ushered in change into the digital playground where the rules of the game keep changing.

They certainly are the forerunners in their own specific fields. Apart from being at the vanguard of recent trends, they have been uttering trends across the digital marketing ecosystem. We have curated the expertise and recognition of few of our digital marketing specialists here. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help your business to grow!

  • Noam Kith

    • 5.0
    B2B Expert
  • Total Experience
    12 Years
    Increase in sales
  • Amanda

    • 5.0
  • Total Experience
    12 Years
    Increase in sales
  • David

    • 5.0
  • Total Experience
    10 Years
    Increase in sales

We Have Outfitted 200+ Industries Across The Orb

We Have Generated Flawless Results For Every Big Or Small Project Alike

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Online Reputation Management

At Digitechtic, Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Package Comes With Tremendous Benefits To Generate Maximum Return On Investment.

Extensive Keyword Research

One of the ways that Digitechtic will develop your PPC strategy is by doing advanced keyword research and selection. We’ll make sure that we’re targeting the right audience that will improve your conversion rates.

Effective Ad Copy

Writing good copy for PPC ads is tricky. We won’t waste your time and money with forgettable PPC ads. At Digitechtic, we choose our words carefully to create targeted ads with copies that will make the audience feel something.

Landing Page Optimization

We do A/B testing for landing pages which is essential if you want conversions. This is to see which version of your landing page brings in more clicks and better conversions. Work with our PPC experts and get results-oriented Google PPC campaigns that grow your business.

Transparent Pricing

At Digitechtic, we always aim to form a strong working relationship with our clients. This is why we’re all about transparency. Right off the bat, we’ll tell you if our services are a good fit for your business based on management costs.

Detailed Reporting

Digitechtic way of PPC management is all about involving you as the client. Most PPC platforms include comprehensive data tracking tools that will let us know how well your campaign is performing. You’ll know everything you need to know and we’ll give educated suggestions on how to proceed.

Strategies That Work

Every business is different with its own different needs. In PPC, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. We’ll analyze your current campaign and listen to your concerns so we can devise a PPC strategy that works for you.

Total Customization

Beat the competition with our custom, highly-relevant Google pay per click campaigns that resonate with your target audience. PPC gives you access to a wealth of marketing data to optimize your ad performance.

Comprehensive PPC Audit

Our PPC advertising experts ensures all aspects of your PPC campaign align with your goals and adhere to industry regulations. We perform in-depth PPC audits to determine possible campaign issues, adjust your strategy and make your campaign more effective.

Premier Google Partner

Digitechtic is a proud member of the coveted Google Premier Partners list. Our pay per click agency comprises a team of certified Google Ads PPC specialists with vast industry experience and digital marketing knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online reputation management is an umbrella term that refers to a host of tools and strategies that you can deploy with the end goal of improving and maintaining the online image you wish to convey.

Online reputation management is an umbrella term that refers to a host of tools and strategies that you can deploy with the end goal of improving and maintaining the online image you wish to convey.

If you are unsure where your online reputation stands currently, there are simple ways to find out the state of your online presence. Google yourself, Check social media privacy settings, review your google business listing, set a reminder to

Businesses have a particular interest in cultivating and preserving a positive online reputation because it can have a direct impact on a company’s success. Internet search results influence what potential customers see about your business and virtually every consumer is searching online.

If you are wondering what your ORM strategies should include, it may help to know exactly what elements influence your online reputation. The following factors will influence your online reputation:

  • Your reviews and overall ratings on review sites
  • What search results appear under your name (and what they say)
  • What people are saying about you, your business, or your products on social media

Reputation Monitoring Tools, Social Media Buzz Tools, SEO Tools, Social Media Management Tool and many others.

There are various features of Online Reputation Management Softwares some may include, API, White-Label Options, and Review Widgets etc.

If your business is dealing with a PR crisis or there is already negative content hurting your online reputation, there is no time to waste trying to learn how to fix things yourself. You will need the expertise of seasoned professionals who can devote time to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Online reputation management services and software work, but nothing is ever 100% guaranteed and your results will depend entirely on how much time, effort, and resources you put into having a good reputation, including just making good and positive decisions in business and personal life that attract positive attention.

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Gloria M. Reynolds

We have a great business relationship with Digitechtic. We had worked with several other ORM Service providers in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say they are doing that for us. They help bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense!

Warner J. Woolverton

Digitechtic has done a wonderful job for us. We would highly recommend Digitechtic to any business that needs a hand improving their internet traffic. They are experts and knows all the strategies to develop the best ORM strategies.

Karen A. Graff

Digitechtic has transformed our business. Today we work with statistics and more accurate data and realize the digital space is an essential tool for us to position itself in an increasingly competitive field. Highly recommended!!


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