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With years of experience as professional 3D animation service providers, Digitechtic offers animated videos to almost every field including real estate, entertainment industry, educational institutes and much more. With the right fusion of creativity and tactical thinking, Digitechtic crafts amazing 3D animation that helps businesses to connect with their

audience and increase visibility. Digitechtic has refined its skills and expertise to deliver the best 3D video animation services that leave clients mesmerized. We are always chasing for state-of-the-art tools and approaches and never hold our fire to embrace the trends or techniques that could benefit the eminence of the work in any way.

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Digitechtic caters numerous industries to assist them uplift their business and increase the customer interaction. Being the prominent Video Animation Company, Digitechtic provides quality 3D animation video services backed by ingenuity and creativity. We have worked for the various big names of the market.


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We take pride in the efforts we have done in creating astonishing 2D Animation Video, Whiteboard Animation, 3D Animation, Typographic Animation and much more for our esteemed clientele.

Future Wars 3D

3D Animation

Comic World

3D Animation

Neon Route

3D Animation

Where Robots Work

3D Animation

Nature Landscape

3D Animation

Stem Cell Treatment

3D Animation

Color Balls

3D Animation

City Model

3D Animation

Globe In Dark

3D Animation

Jurassic World 3D

3D Animation

Hello Australia

3D Animation

Skeletal System

3D Animation

Broad-Cast Your Brand Worldwide Through Custom Animated Videos!

At Digitechtic we exhibit professionalism through our animated videos, we deliver to our prestigious clients. Our Videos bring interest and spirit to your subject. Our animators create and present even the most complicated concepts in the simplest way possible. At Digitechtic we take care of every feature of your corporate identity. We assure you that we will make use of every latest and related method to develop and improve your corporate identity in the market with our best video service.


Professional Script Writing

After receiving your requirements and conducting a comprehensive research.Digitechtic starts working on scrip writing. In the first phase of our 3D Video Animation creation process, we break your business/product story down into its narrative-arc components and map out every scene beat by beat.

Our exceptional script writers ensure to achieve the goal of plotting out your whole story in their write-up, because the more detailed we make our outline, the less time we will have to waste down the road. By building a strong story is the key to keeping the audience engaged, driving the story forward and making them take the action.

Scrpit Writing

Storyboarding & Sequencing

After creating a professional and engaging script, the experts at Digitechtic move towards the next phase of 3D Animation creation process, which is ‘Storyboarding & Sequencing’. A storyboard or a sequence is a visual representation of a video sequence and breaks down the action into individual panels.

Our professional storyboard creators sketch out how a video sequence will unfold in your 3D animated video. The storyboard is similar to a trial-run for your finished film, video, or commercial, laid out in a comic book-like form. After finalizing the storyboard with you, we will move to our next phase, i.e., Designing Animation.


Animation Designing

After storyboarding and setting the visual representation of your 3D animation video, we move to our next important step, which is ‘Animation Designing’. At this stage of the 3D animation process, our 3D animators further visualize the story and add style following the brand guidelines of the client.

At Digitechtic, we use various modern platforms and up-to-date 3D modeling software to create 3D characters, sceneries, elements and much more. In this phase, the animators craft detailed backgrounds, more defined character designs, illustrations, and any text or icons that might be used in the video.

Designing animation

Animation And Music

After designing the animation backgrrounds/characters/product model as per your requirement, now it's time for the namesake job of the 3D animation design process. At Digitechtic, our professionals in this phase craft the actual engagement in the animation. This is the stage where a lot of creative magic happens!

In this phase of the 3D animation video creation, our professional animators add movement to your story and make it more powerful for the audience. Our experts add life to the characters, objects, and backgrounds and top it off with a perfectly timed voiceover & music that brings your video to the final stage and ready to use.


Finalizing & Delivery

THAT’S IT, your 3D animation video is complete and ready to rock and roll! Digitechtic will deliver it to you as HD 1080p MOV or MP4 file, ready for download. In case, you need any other format for your video, we are here to cater to your that requirement as well. If you need help figuring out how to host your video, where to place it, or how to market it in the best possible manner, Digitechtic is happy to point you in the right direction!

Hire us today to discuss your 3D animation video project with our experts. If you’d like to know more information on our 3D animation process, let’s set up a time to chat or call!


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Jose L. Rosales

I needed someone who can do pitch-perfect 3D animation, so I hired Digitechtic for my 3D business animated video. They took my product launch to the next level by designing an amazing 3D animation. Thank you people for such startling efforts... I am extremely satisfied!

Judith J. Camp

Thank you team Digitechtic for making a realistic 3D animation for me. I find their prices fairly affordable and their service up to the mark. Lorie was my project manager and she was really considerate regarding my 3D animation video requirements and guided me really well!

Hayden Pollard

Hello Everyone, I am Hayden! I booked Digitechtic’s service for my 3D video animation and I have fallen in love with the video they delivered to me. They catered to my requirements extremely well and incorporated everything I asked them for… Highly recommended service!


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